Benefits of Learning A Language Online

Of course we all miss and love “in person.” I too long for the days of hugs and high fives before and after classes. But right now we’ve been called to our couches and must make the best of it. And with that I give you what I’ve experienced over the last 6 months of offering online classes to so many families. Here are the undeniable benefits of learning a language online in our Bilingual Birdies classes:

  1. Comfort – Learning from home allows our youngest learners to have their favorite pillow or blanket next to them to create a comfortable learning environment. Children sing and repeat new words in Spanish, French, or Mandarin using their own favorite instruments that they have at home. This familiarity helps them to be relaxed while learning!
  2. Authenticity – No frills here! Teachers are educating from their homes and giving it their all. You can see our bilingual teachers with a heightened level of presence ready to share their language and culture with children to create the ultimate bilingual early education experience.
  3. Joyfulness – There’s been too much stress these days and staying positive is sometimes a challenge. Each time I’ve logged on to see a Bilingual Birdies class I witnessed pure joy from the children taking the class. In any given session I would see children singing, dancing, repeating words in another language, and laughing so much. It has been extremely uplifting to see so much joy in the learning.
  4. Entertaining – Since now all we have a screen we have to do the best we can to keep the children engaged as much as possible. We’ve revamped our classes to be even more entertaining than before. The use of puppetry in the classes is now more relevant than ever. When you see Myla Birdie or Biko Birdie pop onto the screen to teach you new vocabulary it’s not only fun it’s also a chance to increase social-emotional development for each child in the class. They see that the birdie only speaks the second language and they have to do all that they can to communicate in the language. This is encouraging and very entertaining for the little ones.
  5. Quality – We have rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed even more to ensure the online learning experience is as quality as possible. Perfect lighting, clear sound, strong internet are just a few of the things we always make sure are set so that we can offer the best Spanish for kids, French for kids, and Mandarin for kids classes for every child.
  6. Community – If you’re looking for bilingual kids, bilingual moms, bilingual dad, and bilingual families, then you’ve come to the right place! Our teachers give children a chance to share in each class and slowly an online community begins to unfold where families are working together to encourage bilingualism in their children.

These are just a few! If you’re curious, come try out our classes! And if you’re bilingual and entrepreneurial come find out how you can launch your own Bilingual Birdies program and teach online to earn money from home:

Amor y paz,


(Founder & CEO of Bilingual Birdies)