Teacher with a puppet teaching how to teach with Bilingual Birdies

Professional Development In-Person & Online

We offer two dynamic PDs:

Puppet Play

Promoting Social-Emotional Development

Imagine if Sesame Street caliber puppeteers could come to visit your virtual class to mesmerize the children! In this 1.5 hour PD we will teach the basic skills of puppetry and how to use them to enhance children's social-emotional development while teaching online. The use of puppets can be a poweful tool to help children identify and regulate emotions as well as help model positive behavior. Virtual group activities will guide educators to truly make books come alive by creating a “mascot" for the classroom who students can learn to interact with and truly get everyone excited about learning and literacy! Each participant will be guided on how to create their own puppets for the session.

Global Passport

How to Embrace Diversity Using Music & Movement

In this 1.5 hour virtual workshop, participants will master techniques for infusing rhythm, voice and hand perscusion into the virtual classroom to celebrate language and culture with children, Participants will also learn how to assess diverse backgrounds represented in their classrooms and empower children to be proud of their cultural heritages and build bridges wirh their classmates. This is ideal for educators with English Language Learners, Dual Language Learners and even classrooms that may have a lack of diversity. Participants should attend wih their favorite children's book and expect to learn how to create fun melodies and mocement games to infuse elements of diverse cultural backgrounds and languages into their story time hour to create an unforgettable experience for every child.


Not sure which option is best for your school?