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Launch Your Own
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Share Your Language &
Culture with Kids!
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Ignite a Bilingual Education Movement!
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Launch Your Own
Bilingual Birdies Business

Share your language and culture by teaching children and earn money from home.

Here's what you get when you join our family:

Be your own boss and teach online or in person when you want. Receive all the training and marketing materials you’ll need to succeed. Feel empowered to grow your business and achieve financial freedom. By accessing the 13-year-expertise that Bilingual Birdies has from educating thousands of children newborn to age six in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English, you’ll ignite a bilingual education movement in your community!

Training & Classroom Kit

Learn our fun methodology of how to teach through music, movement, and puppetry. Your kit of engaging props make class an unforgettable experience.

You can expect:

  • An easy way to learn and implement online training
  • Musicality best practices
  • Classroom management tips
  • Highest quality in classroom materials that kids will love


Launching Bilingual Birdies has encouraged my professional growth while I’ve positively impacted so many children.

Veronica Tierra
Bilingual Birdies Licensee

Monthly Content

Save time and keep your lessons fresh with new themed curriculum each month that’s been designed and tested to perfection over a decade in the early ed classroom.

We provide:

  • Monthly class agendas
  • Audios of how to teach each song
  • Scripts of how to prepare and perform each lesson
  • Lyrics and chords of each song and activity
  • How to use themed props


The program is phenomenal! It prepares children for the world ahead.

Yvonne Young
Director, CCS Montessori Preschool

Marketing &
Business Bootcamp

Plan to thrive by leveraging all of the marketing materials and business knowledge that we’ve gained over a decade of building our company in New York City.

You’ll get:

  • Bilingual Birdies brand license
  • Your own website
  • Social media handles
  • Business cards, flyer templates, photos & promo content
  • Online booking platform to process payment
  • Training from Sarah Farzam, Founder & CEO on how to prepare, launch, and grow your business

Parent Materials

All parents love complimentary materials! Your program increases the fun by including beautifully designed physical and digital home materials for each enrolled family that will keep them coming back to you semester after semester.

Parents receive:

  • Downloads of our original music albums
  • Lyrics pages of popular songs
  • E-books of themed curriculum
  • Vocabulary sheets keywords from class
  • Plush mini birdie puppet each semester


I love Bilingual Birdies because my child gets to experience language the way she wants to learn.

Sharon Ng

Community &
Ongoing Support

You’ll gain access to other licensees helping each other with teaching and business tips. Plus, Bilingual Birdies HQ is waiting to help you with IT and strategy questions anytime!

We’ve got your back in these ways:

  • A peer-to-peer network of other Bilingual Birdies Licensees
  • Virtual chat helps you with any IT issues
  • Our office admin in NYC answer your larger questions

How to Become a Bilingual Birdies Business Licensee

Our application process is easy! Answer a few questions, upload an audition video, and pay $100 for your background check.
This is the most fun training you’ll ever take! Your classroom kit of materials will arrive in the mail so you can practice drumming, puppetry, and how to use all of your new props.
We’ll set you up with your own website, marketing materials, and business bootcamp so that your launch will be a success!
Bilingual Birdies is a rewarding opportunity that’s helped hone my teaching skills and allowed me to share my language and culture with my community.
Ingrid Alvarez Russell
Bilingual Birdies Licensee

Cost & Fees


One time application fee.


Monthly Subscription Fee: Covers your licensing fee, your access to training, business bootcamp, classroom kit of materials, monthly content, marketing materials, your own website, and peer-to-peer network of other Bilingual Birdies educators.


This fee is charged per enrolled family in exchange for physical and digital materials for each family. Review cost details here.

*All fees are in US dollars

Learn how Bilingual Birdies can work for you!


How long does the training take?

Expect to dedicate about 6 hours. The time is spent between learning the methodology through videos, preparing the material, submitting your final capstone sample class video to us, and reviewing our feedback.

Can I teach classes online and in person?

Yes! Zoom is free and you can start earning money from home by promoting your online classes to your network of friends and family so they enroll and learn with you weekly. When it’s safe to do so you can easily transition to in person classes by finding a physical space to rent by the hour and also make partnerships with schools, libraries, and community centers.

What are all the fees I need to pay?

US-based Educators:

  • $100 one-time application fee paid by credit card when I fill out the application which covers my background check
  • $75 per month charged monthly to my credit card for my licensing fee and new monthly content
  • DISCOUNTED RATE: $0 for initial training, business bootcamp, classroom kit of materials mailed to my home, my own website, all of my marketing materials, and access to a peer-to-peer network. This is normally $997 and due to Covid-19 we’re waiving the fee for a limited time. 
  • $15 per child per month is paid to Bilingual Birdies for providing parents with home materials when booking 4 month semesters.$20 per child per month is paid to Bilingual Birdies for providing parents with home materials when booking 2 month semesters.

Non-US Educators:

  • We do not provide an online booking platform for non-US educators at this time.
  • $10 per child per month is paid to Bilingual Birdies for providing parents with digital materials. No physical materials are provided.

All fees are charged in USD.

How much can I charge for my classes?

You set the fee that is competitive for your geographical region. Online classes can be one fee and in person classes can be a different fee. As long as you bake in the $15 per child per month to Bilingual Birdies, you can charge whatever you want for the 8-week and 16-week semesters. You can pro-rate your classes if people want to join after your start date as long as they pay for the monthly materials fee.

How much money can I make?

It depends how hard you want to hustle! We project you can earn approximately $1000+ per month within the first six months and $2000+ per month after about a year. It can be more based on your commitment of time and focus to build your business.

Do the parents receive any home materials and how much do they cost?

Each enrolled family receives digital and physical materials each semester which consist of:

In a Caregiver-and-Child Class the required $15 per child per month fee for these items goes to Bilingual Birdies and will be baked into the price of your classes. They receive:

  • Monthly bilingual e-books
  • An original music album download with song lyrics every 16-weeks
  • Monthly vocabulary sheets 
  • A plush mini birdie puppet; Every season the puppet changes so families can collect them all! 

For a School Partnership there's a $50 per month per school charge for access to parent digital materials for everyone in the school. The school pays this fee. No physical materials are provided to parents.

How many weeks in each semester?

You can choose to offer 16-week semesters or 8-week semesters. This means in one year you can complete three 16-week semesters (we suggest Sept-Dec, Jan-April, May-Aug) or you can offer six 8-week semesters. You can start the semesters any month you’d like.

What are the major benefits to becoming a Business Owner or a Teacher?

Offering Bilingual Birdies in your area is so much fun! You get to share your language and culture which is an extremely empowering experience! You also benefit from the joy of working with children, which is one of the most incredible populations in the world. Little kids make you laugh and because of the engaging methodology we use they truly enjoy learning, which makes you feel happy at the end of every class. Another major benefit is that you'll learn how to grow a business and make money working when you want. You can be your own boss!

How many minutes is each class experience?

Caregiver-and-child classes are 45 minutes long. Preschool partnership classes are 30 minutes long and can be adjusted to be shorter for infant and toddler classrooms if requested by a school. The classes generally meet once per week and can be done twice per week if a school requests it.

How fluent do I have to be in the language I want to teach?

You need to be conversational in the language you want to teach. You do not need to be a native speaker. Our training and monthly content is set up in a way that it’s all scripted so you can read and listen to audio files until you memorize your lessons. The content of each song and activity is 100% in the language of the class, while the instructions for those activities are generally in English to eliminate any confusion for the families.

What is the age range of the children I’ll be teaching?

The classes are for children up to age six. There’ll be a mix of children who are infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. You can separate the classes in any age ranges that you’d like and also run mixed ages classes for everyone together. Our training shows you have to adapt the classes to be age-appropriate and engage various ages at the same time.

What should I know before filling out the application?

Our licensing opportunity has a one year commitment. After 12 months you can terminate your license at any time. Once you terminate your license you’ll be required to remove all existing info of your Bilingual Birdies license from the internet along with other action steps to close down any presence of you being an active licensee. Some common questions that we can answer for you so that your application process moves quickly are: 

  • What is a DBA? 

You are required to register a business under any name you want that is not associted with Bilingual Birdies. Once you register your business entity with any name that you want, our licensing agreement gives you the permission to file for your own DBA or “Doing Business As” in the region you’ll be teaching. This is so that when families are charged for your classes they’ll see Bilingual Birdies (Your Region) in the charge. The application will prompt you to select the general area that you’ll be doing business in.

  • Why do you need my photo? 

In the application we ask for a professional headshot with good lighting in front of a solid color wall so that we can use that picture when we create your website. 

  • Is there anything else I’ll need to do once approved? 

Yes. Once approved, you’ll need to get liability insurance. You can search for the most competitive rate in your area if you’d like. We suggest the following providers:

Which user should I select?

If you're planning to launch and teach your own Bilingual Birdies business, select Business Owner & Teacher (I'm teaching with the option to hire). This enables you the ability to hire teachers later should you decide to do that. If you're not planning to teach and you want to hire teachers immediately select Business Owner (I am hiring, not teaching). If you've been invited by a Business Owner to teach, select Teacher. Teachers are required to be invited.

What is the teacher hiring process?

If you're applying as a Business Owner and would like to hire teachers we require that you first go through the entire application process and once you're approved, you can invite a teacher at which point they'll receive an email prompting them to start their application process. A teacher cannot apply on their own without being invited. The cost to add one teacher is discounted to $0 upfront due to Covid (normally $497 upfront) and an additional $25 per month for your teacher to have access to the monthly content.

The first month they'll receive access to is the Fruits unit in the Myla semester. If you want your teacher to fast forward to where you're teaching and be able to access your current month's theme, you'll need to purchase all of the curriculum from previous months. That fee is $25 x the number of months since your initial Fruits unit.

I want to do this but not sure if I'm ideal for it. What if I'm not bilingual? Do I have to be a musician? What if I don't have teaching experience?

If you're not bilingual, you can apply as a Business Owner and then hire a bilingual teacher. That way you can work as a team while you focus on building the business, and your bilingual teacher can master teaching the classes.

You do not need to be a musician to be a Business Owner or a teacher. All teachers should be musical but playing an instrument is not a requirement.

If you don't have teaching experience, we will train you on how to teach.