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Welcome to Bilingual Birdies

Hello Parents! We’re Bilingual Birdies, a bilingual education program in your child’s school. Since 2006 we’ve been teaching Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English to young children through music, movement, and puppetry. We’ve made it easy to support what your child’s learning with us in school by providing you with bilingual ebooks, music, and vocabulary sheets. Your materials mirror the curriculum from their classes and you can support your child’s learning as the theme changes in each monthly unit. You can download or stream everything from one place. Please note that you’ll have access to your account for the duration of the time your child is a part of the school program.

How do I use the materials?

We provide you with ebooks, music and vocabulary sheets to practice new words at home.


Each month you’ll receive a new bilingual ebook. Use your phone, computer or tablet to read the book with your child every day at bedtime. The text of the book mirrors a popular song from class. Ask your child if they know the song and sing it with them after you read the book.


Each semester you’ll receive a new music album to download. Play the music with your child every day. Most of the songs are upbeat so you can throw a dance party at home! Ask your child if they remember any of the activities they do in class that go along with the songs and try them together!


Each month you’ll receive new bilingual vocabulary sheets. Print and put them on the fridge to review together every day. Try to find the objects throughout the week in or outside of your home and repeat the words in the second language using a fun melody.

Materials for Each Monthly Unit

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