School License

A complete program for your school to have the bilingual advantage

School License

Who’s it for?

Our School License is for bilingual teachers needing support to thrive in the classroom while sharing their language with young children. We serve schools with teachers who speak Spanish, French, Mandarin, or are focussed on teaching English. Our methodology is best used by teachers in home schools, private preschools, Head Start, Early Head Start, Pre-K, TK, and afterschool programs.

What's included?

Training & Classroom Kit

Gain schoolwide access to our online Flight School Teacher Training, plus receive a Classroom Kit of instruments for children to use in class.

Teachers can expect:

  • A step-by-step breakdown of how to teach vocabulary using music, movement, and puppetry so children have fun while learning
  • Percussion training, voice lessons, and classroom management tips
  • Classroom management tips
  • A physical Classroom Kit with instruments, puppets, and other fun props that help with the language acquisition process

Monthly Content

Teachers log in monthly and access the new themed curriculum that’s easy to learn and easy to implement. Fun lesson plans, songs, movement games, and puppetry scripts are clearly organized and provided for teachers to help children increase their vocabulary, memory, and social-emotional skills in a joyful manner.

Parent Materials

Parents want to know exactly what their children are learning in school and we created a solution for that! School Licenses come with digital parent materials for each family. Optional physical parent materials can be purchased separately.

Parents receive:

  • Downloads of our original music albums
  • Song lyrics with translations
  • Bilingual e-books of themed curriculum
  • Vocabulary sheets of keywords from class
  • Extra: Physical Mini Birdie Puppet for each child

How much does it cost?

The fee for a School License is $350 per month. New curriculum is released every month and there’s a one year commitment. After a year, the School License can be canceled anytime. This fee gives access to the Bilingual Birdies online training and curriculum for unlimited teachers in your school plus one Classroom Kit of instruments. Teachers enter a private peer-to-peer network of other Bilingual Birdies educators supporting each other across the globe. Complimentary virtual professional developments are provided annually from Bilingual Birdies Headquarters. Each enrolled family at your school will receive Digital Parent Materials including music, books, and vocabulary sheets.


  • Additional Classroom Kits can be purchased for your teachers for $297 plus shipping

  • Physical Mini Birdie Puppets can be purchase for children for $35 each

How do we get started?

Once payment is received, you’ll immediately gain access to training and curriculum. You'll receive your classroom kit of instruments and any additional physical product purchased in 7-10 days.

Need more info before you get started?