School Partnerships

School Partnerships

Since 2006 Bilingual Birdies has been successfully teaching languages to thousands of children in early childhood classrooms. Adding Bilingual Birdies to your school either in person or virtually is an opportunity to celebrate diversity every week and encourage cross-cultural awareness. Trained bilingual teachers visit classrooms in private and public preschools, pre-k programs, Head Start and Early Head Start, childcare centers, and in-home daycares.  Introducing Spanish, French, Mandarin, or English through music, movement, and puppetry ensures children have fun and are engaged in the best language learning experience.

Program Benefits

  • We scaffold language development by introducing new themed curriculum each month
  • Integrating music and movement triggers better memory and makes learning fun
  • Puppetry helps children identify emotions in another language and improves social-emotional skills
  • Integrating instruments teach rhythm and enhance fine motor skills
  • Introducing diverse languages and cultures early on sets up children to become more open-minded adults

What can we expect?

The primary goal of the Bilingual Birdies curriculum is to support children’s language development. Once you select how many weeks you want the partnership for you’ll get a weekly visit from a trained Bilingual Birdies teacher. Each classroom will enjoy 30 minutes of language learning through music, movement, and puppetry. We provide instruments and props which reinforce new vocabulary and make the lessons super engaging.  Our curriculum explores developmentally appropriate themes such as healthy eating, pedestrian safety, transportation, making new friends, professions, nature, animals, colors, outer space, and more. Each class ends with a bilingual bubble dance party that gives children an unforgettable experience!

Family Involvement

We provide the best digital parent materials. Parents get a window into what their children are learning when they receive our digital materials consisting of music downloads, bilingual ebooks, song lyrics, and vocabulary sheets, which mirror the monthly themes. When children hear the music at home they get excited about learning more at school. You can further promote school readiness with our physical materials that can be purchased for an extra fee. Parents tell us that when their children receive their own Birdie Puppet they can’t wait to bring them to school!

How much does it cost?

You’ll be happy to learn our pricing is accessible for any budget. Our fees are based on the total number of classes per visit along with the total number of weeks of instruction.

How do we get started?

Getting started is quick and easy. Submit an inquiry below and our Program Manager will contact you to go over pricing and schedule.

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