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Financial District, New York City

About Bilingual Birdies
Bilingual Birdies is an NYC-based foreign language and live music program for children up to age six. The company hires bilingual musicians and trains them in their curriculum to visit preschools and lead 45-minute classes that teach Spanish, French, or Mandarin through music, movement, and puppets. The program currently educates 3,000 children per week in schools, libraries, and homes. The services include: bday parties, in-home private lessons, concerts, professional development for educators, and licensing opportunities for bilingual educators in other states.

Position Description
Bilingual Birdies is looking for a smart, mature, extremely detail-oriented, capable, positive, and hard-working Program Coordinator to oversee the NY operation of 20 bilingual educators who have residencies in over 30 locations weekly. This person will benefit from working in a small start-up environment where ideas thrive and each team member is greatly valued. Additionally there is a network of the most talented world musicians in NY who are diverse and interesting. The company is run by passionate and supportive individuals who are from all over the world and bring global perspectives with very strong work ethics. The meaningful work that is behind the mission makes everyone feel that they are making a positive difference every day.


– Client Relations

  • Build relationships with existing partners who are school directors and parents. Implement our strategy to engage clients throughout the school year and summer by conducting regular check-ins, providing them with support and materials, coordinating holiday gifts, organizing annual special events, and leading end-of-year activities.
  • Provide immediate response to any issues that may come up from clients by following our policies and procedures. This includes taking immediate action to ensure all clients’ needs are met above and beyond their expectations.
  • Ensuring quick response with any requested letters pertaining to grants that fund our program in specific schools who may need assistance.
    Maintains and updates our contact management software detailing communication with each of our clients.

– Teacher Management

  • Set up google calendars for newly hired teachers and maintain their weekly schedules based on client’s needs.
  • Answer inquiries for any teachers who experience difficulty when looking for a substitute.
    Review policies and procedures with teachers when they are non-compliant with responding on time, arriving to work on time, or any other issues that may come up.
  • Checking in with teachers monthly to ensure their needs are being met and that they are clear on what is being expected of them.
    Documenting any feedback about teachers or from teachers and measuring growth throughout the year. Communicating that growth to supervisor is also critical.
  • Lead annual performance reviews with teaching staff providing them with feedback on their work and efforts.
  • Produce and edit any letters that may be needed verifying work status of individual teachers who request verification for visa purposes.
  • Participates in co-leading staff meetings three times per year so that all teachers are clear on new and existing policies and procedures as well and new curriculum.

– Sales / Outreach to New Schools & Parents

  • Maintain all communication and sales efforts for any inquires related to school residencies, in-home private classes, bday parties, concerts, professional developments, and library performances.
  • Help research and develop lists of potential client pool by accessing and organizing contact info for up to 5,000 public preschools in NYC.
  • Conduct daily outreach via cold calls, emails, and mass mail marketing campaigns to generate leads.
  • Participate and attend early childhood education networking meetings with the intention of building new relationships and alliances for where to expand the program.
  • Close new sales and achieve sales goals on a quarterly basis.
  • Prospect new partners for selling performances of the Bilingual Birdies Band.
    – Administration

    • Manages day to day operations
      Utilizes and updates tasks and ideas on our project management software at the beginning, throughout, and at the end of each day.
    • Answers phone and daily inquires via email from schools and parents interested in our services, requesting a proposal, or general information.
    • Communicates consistent brand messages in all written and over the phone interactions.
    • Ensures that program mission, values, guidelines, policies, and procedures are implemented and maintained.
    • Maintain weekly master calendar of teaching staff with clear and updated compensation, location of services conducted, and timeline of start and end date and time.
    • Run payroll every two weeks for all teaching staff.
    • Administers and maintains all existing strategic plans. It is critical one is also open to any new plans that will be implemented as a result of a pivot throughout the year.


    – Minimum Qualifications

    • Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor’s degree or higher.
      1 year program/project administration or other relevant work experience.
    • Collaborative, ability to work/partner with Faculty and all levels of staff, provide excellent customer service/support.
    • Highly proficient with Microsoft Office suite, Adobe, Photoshop.
    • Use of web-based search engines to generate specific research results based on keywords.
    • Understanding of accounting principles, experience with budgeting & financial management.
      Strong organizational skills/attention to detail.
      Highly effective communication skills (written and oral).
    • Problem-solver; critical thinking ability.
    • Demonstrates initiative and follow through.
    • Ability to prioritize and balance competing priorities.
    • Adaptability/flexibility, positive attitude.

    – Preferred Qualification

    • 2-4 years program/project administration, client relations, sales, and management in early childhood education or other educational services.
    • Supervisory or team leadership experience
      Contacts and/or understanding of the NY early childhood education market. Or at least a strong interest to learn about it.

    Important Considerations
    Working at Bilingual Birdies is an opportunity to grow and learn from a team of extremely dedicated individuals who strive to over-deliver in all levels with the mission of serving children to embrace and celebrate diversity through language and culture. We welcome all interested applicants who feel they can contribute to our important work to apply. It’s important you understand that our work environment does not tolerate: complainers, late arrival to work, anyone looking to work with us as a stepping stone in their resume while they search for something better, anyone who does not view early childhood as one of the most important times in a person’s life. We are looking for people who have a self-starting positive attitude and are able to self-motivate and power through all obstacles. We are looking for someone who will find a solution to things they might not know how to do right at first but are excited to jump in and learn as they master certain tasks. There are numerous benefits to working at our company. If you are selected to work with us you will be making a difference in the lives of young children every day. You will get to learn firsthand how a small business scales nationally and internationally. You will learn a mile a minute. You will evolve as you’ll get to witness how your co-workers genuinely care about you and others in the office. Our small business environment allows for your ideas to flourish and likely get implemented quickly if they are on mission. You will get to know the coolest bilingual musicians in New York City and get to attend live music performances that will inspire you. Working at Bilingual Birdies will make you feel needed, appreciated, seen, important, and valued.

    Before applying please visit and review the mission and various services described in our website. Also, review and follow our social media handles (ig @bilingual_birdies and fb to fully grasp branding.

    To apply, please email resume, cover letter, and answers to the below questions to

    1.) What’s one example of a positive customer service experience you’ve had?

    2.) What’s one example of a negative customer service experience you’ve had?

    3.) What’s the greatest thing your parents have ever taught you?
    Download application information here.


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