Demo Process (Spanish)

Demo Classes Process

Demo classes are a wonderful opportunity to make a good impression on a potential new customer. This is a good way to build up interest for a new semester. We’ve enabled an option to list a demo class in any of these scenarios:

  • Any date prior to the start date of your semester
  • In the first class of your semester
  • In the last class of your semester

If you have someone attending your classes for the first time in a demo class, be sure to do the following:

  • Before class, decide if you’re going to offer an “Early Bird Special Rate” where you give a discount for anyone who signs up right at the end of the demo class. This incentives people to take action as soon as they are done with the class and it allows you to commit them for the semester asap. That special should only be for a limited time.
  • Make sure you know each child’s name and give them praise often in the class.
  • Build a personal connection. Chat with the parent before class to find out if they speak the second language at home and if not ask more about why they’re interested in learning.
  • Announce your Covid-19 protocols so that everyone knows you’re doing your best to keep them safe.
  • Be sure to make an announcement at the end of class to let everyone know how much the semester costs and when it begins and ends as well as any discount you may be offering. Encourage them to register that same day.
  • One day after the demo, set aside some time to call or email each attendee and ask them about their experience and if they have any feedback and if they would like to sign up. Also ask them if they have any friends who they could recommend.