Flight School Training Prep

Get Ready to Fly!

Here is everything you’ll need to prepare for your training! Download the musicality sheet and follow along with the corresponding videos in numbered order. We encourage you to follow along with the instructor and even pause the videos and practice on your own so you are adequately prepared for the songs and activities to come.

Watch the videos in order. Have your hand drum ready, and make sure that you’re in a space you feel comfortable to sing out loud!

These videos will show you how to use your voice to add variety to your songs, hold the children’s attention, and expand the overall musicality of your classes. Be sure to download the Musicality 101 chart as well that corresponds with the video

Grab your hand drum and get ready to make some noise! These videos will teach you some simple percussion techniques so you are confident to lead songs and activities for anyone.

Here you will learn the foundation for teaching any vocabulary word in a second language, and teaching any song or activities in a Bilingual Birdies’ class. We’ve given you tips for how to easily remember the steps in each video, so be sure you take time to memorize the steps and pause the video so you can practice on your own.

These videos will prepare you for common behavioral responses that frequently happen during Bilingual Birdies’ classes.