Birthday Process (English)

Birthday Process

Learn how to prepare the best bilingual birthday party ever.

  • Good Morning Chant
  • Puppet – Teaches everyone how to say the words “happy birthday” in the second language
  • Hello Song
  • Magic Words – go and stop
  • My Favorite Number
  • If You’re Happy And You Know It
  • Clean up Song
  • Parachute Puppet – jumps for birthday child
  • Strawberry Song
  • Now We Are Going to Sing
  • Movement song in second language (e.g. My Body Makes Music / Aunt Monica)
  • Happy Birthday Song – Bring out the cake and assemble it. Bring out the puppet. Teach everyone how to sing the song. And call the birthday child to the front by the cake so they have their moment to shine. If you have already planned with the parents to bring out the real cake at this time, then move towards that table and call all the guests over so that there’s a nice photo opportunity.
  • Party Song from “Light it up with Myla” or La Bamba – Be sure to blow bubbles! Chant the birthday child’s name!
  • Goodbye Song

Arrival – We suggest you arrive 30 minutes early. In the 30 minutes of prep time, you need to wash your hands, find out where the party will take place, set up the bubbles, music, and any other necessary props. If you are in someone’s home, ask if you should take off your shoes and make sure someone sees you wash your hands. Ask the parent if the child has a best friend and what their name is. Also inquire about any siblings names or special guests who are in town from far away like grandparents. Be sure to include those people by using their names in the session and give shout outs to them.

Happy Birthday Song and Cake – Ask the adult in charge if they would like you to sing happy birthday as they serve the cake. Explain that you can invite everyone to sing happy birthday together as the birthday child blows out the candles. If they are interested, explain that you will cue them the song before the happy birthday song, so that they have time to set up the candles. When it is time, give a clear signal to the adult in charge by waving your hand and saying, “friends, we are going to sing one more song then it’s time for (insert birthday child’s name) to blow out their birthday candles!” Before you sing the happy birthday song, instruct everyone to gather around the birthday child and the cake, clap their hands, and sing happy birthday.

Party Vibe – You are the party starter! Birthday parties need to be really high energy and loads of fun for the children and the adults. Transitions between songs should be quick and concise. Focus less on thoroughly teaching every single keyword and more on the singing aspect of the songs. If the energy of the entire group begins to fade, change the song or activity so that everyone is engaged and participating.

Birthday Shout Outs – Be sure you give special attention to the birthday child. When Myla Birdie arrives, she should say that she is happy because it’s (insert birthday child’s name) birthday. Say, “good job” to two or three children at a time and to the birthday child four or five times throughout the party. You can make the birthday child your helper, ask them to choose a song, etc. You want the child to feel special because it is their birthday.

Spatial Awareness – Be mindful of the space you are in. If you are in someone else’s home, be careful not to knock over any decorations that might be on coffee tables or shelves. Children are very comfortable in their own home and may want to lead you around their house. It is important that you do not go into their bedroom, or wander around to other areas of their home. If you are outdoors or in a large play space, it is your job to keep the party contained to the designated area and not let the children run wild as this can become stressful for the parents and location staff.