Create a Birthday Party


Get ready for the best bilingual birthday ever! Offer an unforgettable experience to children.

Create a Birthday Party

1. Click on Classes on the left menu:

2. To create a Birthday Party, click on the Create tab at the top

3. Select the Birthday Party option

4. Fill in the Basic Information:

  • Birthday Party Name: Give your Birthday Party a name to easily identify it.
  • The Location: Online (Insert the class link) or in person class (Insert the address).
  • The Language you will be teaching: Spanish, French, Mandarin or English.
  • Comment: This comment will be visible to your customers when paying for the Party.

5. Set the Class Duration.

  • Select the Date of your Birthday Party:

6. Set your Price for the Birthday Party. Remember to include the parent materials fee in your price.

7. Set your Birthday Party Schedule.

  • Choose the days for this class. Enable or Disable days of the week.

10. Click on Add Service to finish.

When creating a Birthday Party, a private link is generated so you can share it with the parent. Now you can see your upcoming Birthday Party on the menu. Click on the Copy Icon to share your Private Birthday Party link.


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