Create a Demo Class


Offer a free demo class to promote your classes!


Create a Demo Class

*Please be aware that users can only participate in one demo class per language.

1. Click on Classes on the left menu:

2. To create a Demo Class, click on the Create tab at the top

3. Select the Demo option

4. Fill in the Basic Information:

  • Semester to promote: Choose the semester you will be promoting with this demo class.
  • Select demo class date: You can schedule a demo on the first or last day of your semester, or any date before the semester starts.
  • The Location: Online (Insert the class link) or in person class (Insert the address).
  • The Age Range of your class: Set the students age range for your class.
  • Comment: This comment will be visible to your customers when they register.
  • The Location Name: Give your location a name to identify it easily.
  • The Service Duration: 30 or 45 minutes.

5. Set your Class Schedule. You can add different work periods for the same day.

6. Set the Capacity Settings of students for your class.

7. Activate/Deactivate class . If a class is disabled, it will not appear on your website and you will not be able to receive enrollments. To disable a class turn off the switch button.

8. Click on Add Service to finish.

When creating a Demo Class, a private link is generated so you can share it with the parents. Now you can see your upcoming Demo Class on the menu. Click on the Copy Icon to share your Demo Class link.

Parent Email

When a parent enrolls to one demo class, they will receive an email with all the Class Information, Class Location and a link for them to enroll to the upcoming Semester Class.


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