How parents enroll in my classes


Let’s walk through the parent experience on how they would enroll their child.

1. The classes you created will be shown on your website. The classes have the following information:

  • Name of semester.
  • Language.
  • Age range.
  • Schedule.
  • Start and end date.
  • Price per class and total.
  • Duration. If the class has already started, the numbers of classes that have been taught will be displayed. Also, the price is prorated and automatically calculated by the number of classes that the child will attend.
  • If the clases is imparted online, a red label will be shown on the left corner, and if the class in in person, a green label is shown
  • Remember that for an 8 week semester your parents have until week 4 to enroll. For a 16 week semester they can enroll up untill week 12. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the next semester to enroll.

2. To enroll, the parent must select the corresponding class. They will be prompted to fill in their personal information.

3. If their class includes a puppet, a message will be displayed indicating it. Also, if they want, they can select to add additional puppets.

4. They need to add their payment information.

5. If they have a coupon code, they can enter it here:

6. They’ll be directed to verify their booking details.

7. After clicking submit, a confirmation page will be shown.

When a parent enrolls in a class, they’ll receive a welcome email, and you’ll also receive an email notification.

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