Create a Private Lesson

1. Click on Classes on the left menu:

2. Click on the Create tab at the top.

3. Select the Private Lesson option.

4. Fill in the Basic Information:

  • The class and language: Choose between the several year’s classes and the language you will be teaching.
  • The Location: Online (Insert the class link) or in person class (Insert the address).
  • The Age Range of your class: Set the students age range for your class.
  • Comment: This comment will be visible to your customers when paying for the class.

5. Set the Class Duration and the Start Date of your class.

6. Set the Price.

7. Set your Class Schedule. You can add different work periods for the same day.

8. Set your Holidays & Days off.

9. Set the Maximum Capacity of students for your class.

10. Select or write the Class Policies. Set the class policies for Rain Day, Cancellation and Sibling discount of your class. You can use the suggested policies or write the ones you consider best.

5. Once you filled in your class information, click on Add Service.

6. Now you can see your upcoming private lesson on the menu. Click on the Copy Icon to share your Private Lesson link.

Parent Email

When a parent enrolls to one class, they will receive an email with all the Class Information, Payment Information and a link for them to see their Digital Materials.


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